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Creating an environment that fosters good teaching and learning. Advancing excellence and equity in education.

About Adopt a School

We have adopted Viedgesville Primary School which could be closed due to dwindling pupil numbers.

  • The school does not have facilities that are conducive for teaching and learning. It still uses pit latrines and a multi-grading system, (2 grades in 1 classroom). There is no security, no running water, no library or recreational facilities for children.
  • With COVID still rampant, and overcrowding in classrooms, physical distancing cannot be observed. To comply, the school has adopted rotational learning, meaning children only come to school for 2 to 3 days per week. With no resources to help children catch up, no online teaching and no digital devices, children are most likely to disengage and dropout.
  • Parents move their children to other community schools that have better resources. In most cases, these schools are far from where they live, which means children have to walk long distances or pay for transport to reach other schools. As most parents are unemployed and depend on government grants, some children drop out of the school system.
  • If pupil numbers in Viedgesville Primary School continue to drop, the school could be closed, creating a huge gap in the Viedgesville community.
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  • Keep Viedgesville Primary School open, and lay a strong educational foundation that will put Viedgesville children on the correct trajectory.
  • Source funding to build a school with facilities that will lay a good educational foundation, create an environment fostering good teaching and learning, and advance excellence and equity in education.
  • Build a new environmentally friendly primary school. Ensure the school is a new generation school using renewable energy, innovative technology, equipped with a library with digital capabilities, a computer centre, a laboratory, a hall, proper ablution facilities, sporting facilites and a food garden.
  • Bridge the digital divide between rural and urban children. Give the best educational start similar to children in the cities and equip children for success in a competitive world.
  • Inculcate environmental awareness and create a mindset of planet regeneration at an early age.
  • Partner Viedgesville school with more advanced ones for knowledge sharing, and explore exchange possibilities where teachers could come from big cities or developed countries on a sabatical or mission to come and share knowledge and different teaching methods.
  • Ensure that teaching is in tune with current complex and ambiguous challenges that the world faces and inculcate critical thinking and problem-solving at a foundational phase.
Viedgesville Primary school is the first school which we have adopted in Viedgesville in the Eastern Cape.

Check out our work

The Viedgesville New School Design Competition by the Nelson Mandela University School of Architecture has started.
The 2nd year Architecture students have shown highest levels of creativity. Models are being built and will be exhibited in Viedgesville on the 7th December where the winning design will be selected by the school governing body and the community. Watch the space!
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