Mentoring and Coaching

Nurturing and helping our youth to find their purpose, grow, develop, receive guidance, and make informed decisions for their future.

About Mentoring and Coaching

  • Youth unemployment is one of the most stubborn challenges in South Africa. The situation has been made worse by COVID-19.
  • According to Stats SA the rate of youth unemployment has increased to 74%.
  • Many graduates are unemployed due to a mismatch between their qualifications and the job market.
  • The new normal of e-working and working from home is not suitable for everyone, especially for those coming from disadvantaged communitites where there is no electricity or internet connection.
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Mentoring and Coaching objectives

    Conduct workshops for unemployed graduates and university students using Ikigai a Japanese concept of finding purpose in life, which was popularised by Associate Professor Akihiro Hasegawa. These unique workshops guide the youth who are seeking purpose in their lives to connect their mission, passion, vocation and profession together.

IKIGAI Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life Source; The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life – H Garcia, F Miralles

  • Create a platform to connect mentees who need guidance with mentors and coaches who are able to guide and coach them.

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Physical workshops starting in July. Awaiting improved rollout of COVID vaccination program in order to ensure safety of participants.
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